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by Shashank ShekharJuly 13, 2015

Avoid the Myths – Why Energy Efficiency Should Be a Priority Home Feature for ALL Buyers

Energy efficient homes are not a political statement. They are a simple dollars and sense decision that every first-time homebuyer should emphasize.

The majority of new homebuyers understand the value presented by energy efficiency although some still believe the myths presented by those with a motive.


MYTH #1: A green, energy efficient renovation is more expensive than a “traditional” remodel

FACT: Some sustainable, eco-friendly materials and appliances are more expensive than their counterparts, that’s true. The price gap is narrowing every single year.

If EnergyStar appliances are $400 more expensive, but shave $50 off your electric bill every month (EnergyStar appliances are generally 30% more efficient), then you only need eight months before you break even just on monthly energy savings.

It will not take you eight months to break-even though. EnergyStar products also offer tax rebates if you trade in an older, less energy efficient model. Those savings can be in the hundreds of dollars.

In some states; you will also be able to claim local and state tax credits for energy efficient home appliances too!

MYTH: Green, eco-friendly, sustainable materials won’t last as long as regular ones.

FACT: In fact, quite the opposite is true in many cases. Eco-friendly products are just as tough and durable as their energy guzzling cousins.

Just because a product is recycled, or made of natural materials, or conserves energy doesn’t mean that it is of poor quality or weaker than “regular” products.

MYTH: Green renovations are not mainstream and won’t be appealing to buyers if I try to sell my home.

FACT: Eco-friendly, energy efficient homes with features like; programmable thermostats, skylights, VOC-free painted walls, solar panels, tank-less water heaters, low flow plumbing, refurbished building material and other green details are actually selling for up to 30% MORE than non-green neighborhood comparables.

A recent national survey of US residents on the market for a new home showed that energy efficiency features were number one the list of desirable items.

For example, the survey data indicate that 94 percent of home buyers want energy-star rated appliances, 91 percent want an energy-star rating for the home and 89 percent want energy-star rated windows.

What’s motivating your interest in the environment at your new abode? A thriving interest in climate change? Sure, but mostly smart home buyers make smart home-buying decisions and green is smart on all levels.

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