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by Shashank ShekharJuly 13, 2015

12 Primal Motivations Most Buyers Share

I have a secret to tell you. I “borrowed” the 12 motivations listed below from the selling guide that a prominent real estate brokerage provides each and every agent that comes on board.

These motivations – hot buttons if you will – are anchored in years of surveyed data that Realtors have collected on their potential buyers from coast to coast.

These are the buttons that agents push to discover your true internal motivations. Some agents apply the information beautifully in order to find you and your family the perfect home.

Some agents use these motivations to sell you a sack of manure. We will very much dig into how to avoid the manure pushers a little bit later in the guide.

You will – if you are honest enough to admit it to yourself – see these factors influencing your decision.

Whether they influence for good or bad is up to you.

“There may be one or two other things that are motivating them as well. Your job is to discover and satisfy the 3 that are most important to them.”
– Unknown Real Estate Agent Author

Know your triggers and which are important to you. If you don’t establish preferences the preferences might be established for you. That could lead to a less than stellar first purchase.

The 12 Primal Motivations Most Likely to Influence Your Home Purchase Decision

  1. COMFORT: They are looking for a state of ease & satisfaction
  2. CONVENIENTLY: They want a home that saves time or simplifies their life
  3. ENTERTAINMENT: They need a home that will bring pleasure or amusement for their own needs & wants and for their guests
  4. SECURITY: They want to be free from danger, anxiety, doubt
  5. PRESTIGE: They are looking for success or rank
  6. RECREATION: They want to be able to relax and enjoy
  7. VALUE: They are looking for a home that will make them money
  8. ECONOMY: They are looking for a home that will save them money
  9. HEALTH: They are looking for a home that is free from disease or ailment
  10. PRIVACY: They want freedom from intrusion of others
  11. AESTHETICS: They want a home that is has beauty in nature & surroundings
  12. SAFETY: They want to be safe from risk of injury, danger or loss

Some of these motivations can easily lead you astray if left unchecked. The easiest way to keep them in line is to be cognizant of the emotions and motivations influencing you.

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