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January 19, 2018

The Best Hardwood Floors for Messy Kids and Pets

Hardwood floors trump carpet for households with kids and pets. It’s a whole lot easier to clean up when spills are on wood, not wool. Plus, hardwood is more forgiving than ceramic, concrete, or tile. But if you have rambunctious pets and messy kids, you may be concerned about whether hardwood floors will stay beautiful in your home. Here, we’ll look at the four factors to consider if you’re thinking about installing hardwood.


Solid hardwood floors can last a lifetime, even after years of abuse. While it can dent easily, solid hardwood offers superior scratch resistance and can be refinished multiple times. Engineered hardwood — where a thin veneer [...]

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January 19, 2018

8 Hacks For Easier Moving in Winter

You can’t always choose when you move. New jobs, old relationships, and fresh starts can necessitate change in the height of summer and the dead of winter — both of which can add stress to an already difficult process. If you do have to move during the darkest and coldest months of the year, here are eight ways to make it a little bit easier.

#1: Don’t pack your warm clothes away.

Check the weather before you pack. If snow and freezing temperatures are in the forecast, keep your coats, boots, gloves, and other cold-weather gear handy. These items are key for your comfort and safety, and they won’t help you much if they’re buried in a box at the back of [...]

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January 19, 2018

How to Turn Your Home Into a Meditation Retreat This January

This January, take some time to transform your house into a retreat of good vibes and positive aspirations with these tips for mindfulness at home.
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January 18, 2018

House Hunting for Hidden Treasures

When we think of hunting for treasure in an old home, the exciting image of stashed jewelry and bundles of money hidden under floorboards typically comes to mind. And while that certainly does happen from time to time, the kinds of treasures that most people find won’t make it into the news, even though they can save you thousands of dollars.

Hardwood Floors

One of the most obvious hidden treasures that many people already know to look for are hardwood floors under carpet. The invention of carpets made from synthetic fibers in the 1950’s led to an explosion in carpet sales and the rise of wall-to-wall carpets. Homes with hardwood floors were often quickly covered [...]

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