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July 30, 2015

Egypt Sherrod from HGTV’s Property Virgins on Finding and Loving Your Home

As owner of the Atlanta-based Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group, author of Keep Calm… It’s Just Real Estate and host of HGTV’s hit television series, Property Virgins, Egypt Sherrod has achieved guru status when it comes to all things homes – something we’d like to think she has in common with Homes.com!

Each week, on the television series Property Virgins, Sherrod guides first time homebuyers through the emotional ups and downs and logistical wranglings associated with buying a home, while setting realistic expectations and dishing out some tough love along the way. She ushers property virgins into the world of real estate without breaking a [...]

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July 29, 2015

National Chicken Wing Day Celebrated in Buffalo, NY

If Britain is to be considered the birthplace of bangers and mash, then it’s Buffalo, New York where the lowly chicken wing rose to fame and still (in certain recipes) maintains its “Buffalo” moniker, conjuring hot sauce anticipation and (for me) cool fall evenings on a finger lake in upstate New York.

As a Brit on my first sojourn to the States in ’82, I marveled at how the buffalos I had seen in old Westerns actually had tender bones I could munch on. And it was after a hour or so of gorging on these delicacies that a Bostonian, taking pity on a strange guy with a very strong accent, told me they were actually [...]

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July 29, 2015

Homemade Blueberry Yogurt Pops

July is National Blueberry Month and we’re here to help you celebrate – and cool off in the heat – with these delicious homemade blueberry yogurt pops! With just two simple ingredients they’re incredibly quick and easy to prepare. In addition to tasting great, these homemade blueberry yogurt pops are also a healthier version than the pre-made pops you find in stores, so they’re a treat you can feel good about!

Blue Berry Yogurt Pops Ingredients: Blueberries Yogurt

For these yogurt pops I used equal parts yogurt and blueberries, so if you have one cup of yogurt you will use one cup of blueberries. This is a great recipe to make anytime, but especially when you [...]

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July 28, 2015

11 Best Songs With Lyrics About Homes

Home Sweet Home: Truly Something to Sing About

Who says all the good songs are about heartbreak, rebellion or burning desire? After all, what subject is more worthy of being immortalized in song than the simple pleasures of home? Here are some of the best songs with lyrics about houses and homes, in case you were wondering.

Madness – Our House

With its toe-tapping piano hook, grooving bass line, and earworm chorus, this retro dance pop hit from the 80’s is quirky, catchy, and a welcome addition to any ‘80s Night playlist. The video for the song is really cute, too. The Animals – House of the Rising Sun

Not all houses are places to escape the world and stay out of [...]

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