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March 13, 2017

5 Tricks to Get You Through Entertaining in a Small Kitchen

Don't let the size of your small home kitchen deter you from hosting a dinner party. Read on for 5 tips for hosting memorable meals in small spaces.
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March 10, 2017

Benefits of Knowing Your Home’s Value Whether You are Staying or Selling

Benefits-of-Knowing-Home-ValueAny valuation of your house is an estimate. Even a professional appraisal is an opinion, although an educated one, of what the property might sell for if it were on the market. A property's value is also a snapshot in time, because its value changes over time: the local housing market might improve or decline. Also, the condition of the house over a period of time will have an impact on the value of the house. Whether you are staying in or selling your home, there are several benefits of knowing your home’s true value... [read more]
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March 10, 2017

How to Win a Multiple-Offer Situation in a Hot Market

You have finally found the house you want to make an offer on. However, there is a catch: showings don’t begin until Thursday and offers will be presented on Monday at noon after the open house on Sunday. You can assume that there will be multiple offers presented, but you know you must have this house. With the spring market, just around the corner, it’s important for buyers to be informed on the fact that bidding wars may ensue. Here’s how to be prepared…

Have your pre-approval letter ready.

This is where having a great lender will come into play. I would have your pre-approval letter in hand and ready to go. Don’t wait until the day you are [...]

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March 10, 2017

Seven Ways to Find Good Prices on Investment Homes

The massive numbers of foreclosures that spawned the boom in single-family rentals as investment homes is over, while the purchase of homes for investment purposes have settled down to pre-boom levels. Purchases for investment purposes have been on the decline since 2011 when investment sales accounted for 20 percent of sales. Today about 15 percent of existing homes purchased every month are bought by investors, either to “flip” and resell or to rent out.

The hardest part of single family investing today is finding an investment property at a good price. Demand from first-time buyers and tight inventories resulting from the conversion of about 4 million ownership [...]

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