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October 18, 2018

A Homeowner’s Guide to Living with Neighbors You Didn’t Choose

Neighbors are a package deal to any home that you buy. We’ve identified four kinds of neighbors you could find yourself living next to and offered some (hopefully) helpful advice on keeping the peace on your street.
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October 18, 2018

10 Signs Your Flip May Be Haunted ala “The Haunting of Hill House”

The new Netflix show, "The Haunting of Hill House", features a young couple who are going to flip their house. However, as the title alludes, the house may have a few sinister plans of its own - giving these flippers a run for their money. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.
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October 18, 2018

5 Updates Your Landlord Will Approve

If you're a renter and want to customize your space, here are 5 updates your landlord will approve. Get started on your next home decor project today!
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October 18, 2018

Church Turned Art Gallery But Also a Home Featuring a Rare Stone? You Have to See This

What do you do with a home and art gallery that used to be a church built from a unique stone variety only found in the Florida Keys? Find out now!
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October 17, 2018

7 Florida Cities for Your Next Move!

You don’t have to be a tourist to get excited about home hunting in Florida. The Sunshine State has eight of the fastest-growing cities in America. According to Forbes, these cities are facing a surge in population, job and wage growth. Not to mention, Florida residents don’t pay state income tax. Getting excited?

Here are 7 of the top cities to consider for your move to Florida:

1. Orlando, FL

An inland destination, Orlando has outgrown its image as theme park capital. Yes, it is still a very kid and family friendly city. Maitland and Winter Park are both suburbs known for good schools and amenities. And, for adults, Orlando ranks as a golfer’s dream, [...]

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October 17, 2018

Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces During Open Houses

Staging is undoubtedly a successful part getting top dollar and a quick sale when listing a house, however, not everyone takes full advantage of their space when beginning this process. Often times emphasis is placed on the interior, rightly so since living rooms, master bedrooms, and kitchens are known to sell houses. Yet, by giving a little bit more attention to outdoor spaces, it can create a more cohesive design and also present an opportunity to impress your potential buyers.

Beyond the basics of preparing your outdoor areas with clean, clutter-free spaces with tastefully arranged furniture and updated landscaping, identifying any bonus areas can maximize your return on [...]

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October 17, 2018

Considering the Switch to Smart Light Bulbs? Here’s What You Need to Know

To fully automate all the contemporary home's systems, manufacturers are rolling out sophisticated light bulbs and lighting systems; are they worth it?
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October 16, 2018

The Most Affordable Coastal Towns In America

What are the most affordable beach towns in America? We analyzed which coastal towns give you the best bang for your buck any time of the year.
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October 16, 2018

How to Incorporate Pumpkins into Your Home

Just in time for National Pumpkin Day, here are some tips on how to incorporate pumpkins into your home this season.
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October 16, 2018

Take a Tour of Actress and Comedian Rosie O’Donnell’s Saddle River, NJ Mansion

It has come down a bit in price but not value, and it's still just as ridiculously opulent; take a tour of the NJ house that Rosie O'Donnell can't seem to sell.
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October 15, 2018

Best Cities to Sell a Home During the Fall

Although most housing markets slow down during colder months, these are the top five best cities to sell a home during the fall season.
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October 15, 2018

Autumnal Kitsch: 5 Fall Trends We’re Eager to Try This Season

This fall's interior design trends are about going big and bold. Check out these top 5 interior design trends that will give your home an update for autumn.
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