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What The 2020 Real Estate Market Could Look Like

It’s no secret that the real estate market frequently sees pivots, changes, and even crashes. After surviving the recent recession, many homeowners and investors are paying close attention to the market and its changes. As trends and the economy changes, so does the real estate market, so what can we expect to see in the 2020 real estate market? Freddie Mac, a government-owned entity that backs mortgages, recently released their 2020 market predictions.

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The Most Searched IKEA Products in the U.S.

Diving into data around popular trends is a passion of ours, as you may have noticed from our research into The Bachelorette and Fixer Upper so we decided to look at Google search volume data for the most popular IKEA items in their catalog – both product names and general product categories. That said, do you know which states search for those iconic Billy bookcases the most? Read on to that find that out, and more.