Spring Organization

While you’re getting your spring cleaning on it only makes sense to do some organizing while you’re at it. I’m all about momentum. When I get on a cleaning and organizing wave I ride it. So here are some great spring organization projects to help with your momentum.


Cluttering up your kitchen counters or kitchen table with mail, school papers, and phone chargers? Create an organized drop zone, also known as a family command center. A great place for your mail, paperwork, phone chargers, take out menus, and more. Adding a family activity calendar is a great way to keep track of the kiddos’ school and sports events. Assign each person in the family a certain color. Use colored magnets on the calendar to organize which activity pertains to which family member.

family drop spot

While you’re cleaning out your refrigerator you might as well organize it. I don’t know about you, but it seems like every time I open our freezer something falls out. There’s just never enough space. Solve your freezer storage issue with clear containers.


Now is the perfect time to tackle your linen closet. Remember what I said about momentum? Rarely used pillows and blankets can take up a lot of space. Condense these items by putting them in space saving vacuum bags. Use storage baskets to curtail smaller necessities. Assign spaces for your linens and other supplies by labeling the shelves.


Don’t forget about your garage on your spring cleaning and organizing crusade. How cool are these chalkboard painted cabinets? And I love the use of pegboard in garages– great for keeping tools organized and easy to find.


Take advantage of the nicer weather and spruce up your shed. Organize your gardening tools in preparation for your spring and summer gardening. My husband added a simple shelf in our shed with some spare wood last year. You don’t have to be fancy. Scrap wood is perfect for a shed shelf.


I hope these spring organization ideas got your wheels turning. Remember to keep the momentum when tackling your spring cleaning and organizing. It’ll definitely pay off in the end!
What spring organization projects do you have planned?

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