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5 DIY Summer Family Activities

It is that time of year again! Summer is just around the corner and before you know it your kids will be out of school on summer vacation. Don’t allow the phrase, “I’m bored” to even be part of your children’s vocabulary this summer. Prepare yourself ahead of time with our DIY Summer Family Activities ideas and ward off any summer doldrums on the spot! As a bonus, implementing these ideas will create some cherished family memories this summer.


1. Create a Summer List

There is currently a huge trend going on right now across the county where families create seasonal “bucket lists” of things to do together. To create your own “Summer List”, sit down with your family members and brainstorm a list of activities that you would like to accomplish this summer. Lists can be as simple as a handwritten checklist on a chalkboard to a fancy print out. There are many free “Summer List” printables available online if you want to follow a pre-made list. In my family, we sat down and created a list together and I typed the list on a Word document using clipart images. I printed out the list, cut it into squares, and tacked it to a large cork board. After accomplishing each task, we would take a picture and print it out. The picture would then be placed over the task to “check” it off the list. By the end of the summer, we had a beautiful cork board filled with family memories!

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2. Make an Outdoor Tepee or Tent

Every kid enjoys the magic that comes with an outdoor tepee, tent, or fort. Create a quiet place to read this summer by providing your children with an outdoor tepee made from PVC pipes. Or, tack some old sheets to a hula hoop to create a fun outdoor reading nook. You can even arrange your bean poles to grow in the shape of a tepee for a fun place that allows little imaginations to run wild.

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3. Create a Backyard Puppet Theater

Whether you choose to make a puppet theater out of an old pallet, drop cloth, thin fabric, or cardboard box, your family is sure to find entertainment and together time with a backyard puppet theater. Have your children act out their favorite stories for you, or read a story to your children and have them act out the scenes as you read.

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4. Make Your Own Sprinklers

Summertime is splash time! Enjoy running through the sprinklers with your children this summer by making your own PVC pipe sprinklers. Instead of water balloons, cut up sponges into strips and attach them in the middle with a rubber band to create your own “sponge bombs”.

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5. DIY Oversized Outdoor Board Games

Board games are typically known to be rainy day games. Well not anymore! With these DIY-oversized outdoor versions of some of your favorite board  games, the fun can be taken outdoors. Create your own Banangrams, Jenga, Twister, and Chess using simple craft and home improvement supplies.

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Summertime is a fantastic time to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime! I hope this post inspires you to use your DIY skills to create meaningful summer family activities. Have an idea to add to our list? Please feel free to share it in the comments!

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