Summer Birthday Party Themes

If you have a summer birthday in your household then today’s tips are for you! Even if you don’t, these ideas are going to inspire you for your child’s next birthday celebration. I’m sharing 5 of my favorite party themes for summer, and as such they’re all best suited to the great outdoors.
1. Ice Cream Party

invitation  /  treats  /  cupcakes  /  rice krispies treats

An ice cream party is always a welcome treat, and it makes great sense for a summer birthday. The kids can cool off and have some fun making their own ice cream sundaes. Don’t limit the choices there though, turn ordinary treats into “ice cream” treats with a little bit of creativity. Add sherbet to push up containers for your own push ups like you used to get from the ice cream truck, and turn rice krispies treats into ice cream cones by forming them into balls, dipping them in melted chocolate, and placing them in ice cream cones.

To get the guests enthusiastic at the onset, send an invitation that’s in the form of an ice cream cup. During the party, use old fashioned ice cream glasses to hold sprinkles, crushed cookies, candies, and other dry toppings. Place cones in an apothecary jar to add to the retro feel of an ice cream parlor.

Once they’ve had their fill of ice cream, let the children play classic yard games like sack races, red rover, hide and seek, etc.

2. Tie Die Party

invitation, cupcakes, table  /  t-shirt  /  cookies  /  treats

For kids that are a little older, a tie dye party is a great way to celebrate a summer birthday. Begin by sending an invitation shaped like a hang tag, and pin it to a plain white t-shirt. The guests will need to bring there shirt to the party with them so they can tie dye it. Find out how to tie dye t-shirts here.

To continue the theme, set up a treat table using tie dye fabric as a back drop or a table cloth. Make your own “tie dye” cupcakes, cookies, and Trix treats for a festive food station. No need to worry about favors since the t-shirts are it, but have some plastic bags available for them to carry their shirts home in safely.

3. Carnival Party

ball in the basket  /  sign stacked cans  /  bottle ring toss  /  balloon darts  /  place setting  /  popcorn cones  /  candy peanut favor bags

One of the most classic and fun {for all ages} party themes is a carnival style party. This party is all about the games… and the food. Creating your own carnival games is simple to do with household items. Use baskets for a ball toss game, set up empty cans in a pyramid shape and use a tennis ball to knock them down, paint empty bottles for a ring toss, and tack balloons to a cork board for a dart game.

A directional sign adds an authentic touch, as does red and white striped fabric and paper goods. Kids will want to keep moving so have snack cones available for easy carrying. Serve classic foods like popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, soft pretzels, peanuts in the shell, and snow cones. Fill bags with circus peanut candy as a parting favor.

4. Pool Party

invitations  /  life guard stands  /  cookies  /  candy pails  /  water balloons

Anyone who has a pool and a summer birthday has probably hosted a pool party… or will. Pool parties are great because the kids are absolutely occupied and all you have to do is provide some treats {and maybe a bucked of water balloons}.

Begin the buzz by sending novelty invitations using flip flops, sunglasses, water goggles, or beach towels {these can double as favors}. Blue jello can be served and mimics the blue water, while Nutter Butter cookies can be turned into “flip flops” just by adding a little icing and graham cracker crumbs for sand. Fill small pails with candy shaped like water toys: twizzlers are “noodles”, gumballs are “balls”, and lifesavers are “inner tubes.

5. Camping Party

tent, sign  /  cake  /  scavenger hunt  /  gummy fish & worms  /  s’mores favors

It seems most kids are intrigued by the thought of camping, whether it’s at a real camp site or just in their back yard. Host a camping themed party and bring the idea to life with a few special details. You can set up a real tent, or make a cute DIY tent using a few pieces of wood and fabric. These mini tents are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Rustic directional signs create a campground atmosphere and are easy to make with some wood and paint. Use any outdoorsman equipment you might have, to decorate – back packs, canteens, lanterns, fishing rods and nets, thermos, etc. Serve fun foods like gummy worms and fish, chocolate rocks, “dirt” cups {crushed Oreos on top of chocolate pudding}, and pretzel “sticks.” Create a showstopping cake by adding Twix bars to the top for “wood”, rock candy for “embers”, and a flame-shaped cookie for the “fire.” S’mores are a MUST. Make them up during the party or send each child home with their own s’mores kit that contains marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

However you choose to celebrate a summer birthday party, you can always make it special by adding just a few simple but creative touches. Which party is your favorite?

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