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5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends and Ideas for 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to start figuring out your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to clean out the garage, finish the basement, or finally remodel that outdated bathroom. Well, when it comes to that last option, there are a few pretty innovative bathroom remodeling trends cropping up that are sure to be hot in the New Year and have stylish staying power for years to come.

1. Touch-Activated Faucets

Have you ever gone to wash your hands in the bathroom and wound up getting the sink itself dirty in the process? This bathroom gadget solves that problem with the kind of ease you only find in high-tech devices. To turn it on, all you have to do is tap the faucet or the handle with pretty much any part of your body. Tap it again to turn it off. You don’t have to worry about getting mud, soap, or chocolate syrup all over your faucet again. One tap faucet by Delta also has an LED light to show when the faucet is on. The main feature of the faucet also makes it more environmentally friendly and efficient because it is easier to turn off between uses.

2. Chromatherapy Tubs

The idea sounds crazy, but the tubs look amazing. Chromatherapy tubs are large and designed for relaxation to the point of pruney fingers, and – here’s the cool part – they’re integrated with special colored lights that cycle through as many as eight colors. The glow illuminates the water during your soak to help you unwind from a long day through the power of color. There’s no telling whether the power of chromatherapy actually works, but the light is absolutely gorgeous, so if nothing else, this trend wins cool points purely on aesthetics. And really, you’ll probably feel pretty suave lying in a glowing bathtub, so maybe there is something to the therapy aspect.


3. Linear Drains

Walk-in showers and in-bathroom steam rooms will be huge in 2014. And the best part is you can get both in one remodel. Rather than traditional shower stalls that have a shower pan – a wide-edged basin with a drain in the center – walk-in showers use linear drains to keep the entire bathroom floor flush and level. That means no lip or edge separating the shower from the bathroom floor and nothing to step over to get into the shower. For a spa-like feel, you can leave the stall area open to create an open shower, and the linear drain will keep the water from spilling into the rest of the restroom. Or you can install a sleek, floor-to-ceiling glass shower door that will let your shower function as a steam room. Heck, you can (and should) even build in a bench to sit on and soak up the steam. The great thing about linear drains is that they let you do pretty much anything you want to with the design of your bathroom’s shower.


4. Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are usually used in kitchens to keep things like bread and pie hot during dinner, but if you can find a model that can withstand some crazy humidity, you’ve got guaranteed ticket to warm towels every time you take a shower or bath. The possibilities of this one are endless: Keep your clothes warm in the winter while you’re showering or heat up your pajamas before you head to bed. A warming drawer can be installed beneath a vanity or in a closet near the shower or tub for quick and easy access to toasty towels.

5. Digital Shower

This is it, folks. We’ve made it. It’s finally the future. Digital shower systems let you program in exactly what you want from your shower – temperature, water pressure, and a couple other presets – and then save that profile for the perfect shower every time. Not only that, the leading digital shower comes with a remote control so you can turn it on before you even crawl out of bed in the morning. Give it a minute or two before you head to the bathroom and make sure the LED lights show you your personalized shower is ready before you jump in and wash up. If there’s such a thing as cutting-edge technology for your bathroom, this is definitely it.

These great bathroom trends are making a definite splash when it comes to remodeling and modernizing the inner sanctum of homes everywhere. Whether you’re looking for form or function, 2014 is looking like a pretty great year for innovation and high-tech options for your bathroom.


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