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How to Decorate with Pantone’s Radiant Orchid


When Pantone announced that Radiant Orchid was the Color of the Year for 2014, I may or may not have cringed just a bit. Growing up in the 80’s, this “hot purple” reminds me of color schemes from my childhood better reserved for the tail on my former “My Little Pony.” I asked my trendy friends what they thought of Radiant Orchid and the reviews were mixed. We all agreed that people are going to continue to use whatever colors they love in their homes in spite of a “Color of the Year,” and we also agreed that any color can look smashing when done right. So how does one who is up for the design challenge “do” a bold color like Radiant Orchid “right”?  Let’s explore some successful ways to decorate with Radiant Orchid that will have even the skeptics nodding their heads in agreement!

Way #1: Use Radiant Orchid with other pops of color

Pops of color work best in accessories such as toss pillows, throws, rugs, and accent chairs. In this living room, white walls, tan drapes, and a cream couch look fantastic when paired with accessories in shades of purple, pink, and turquoise. When using a bold color like Radiant Orchid, a little goes a long way. Consider pairing Radiant Orchid with small doses of other bold colors to create a fun and fresh look in the room.


Image source: Joss & Main

Here is another great example of how to use Radiant Orchid with other bold accent colors. The pops of pink, chartreuse, and tangerine on the pillows and rug complement the bold natural beauty of the surrounding floral and fauna.


Image source: BHG

Suzani fabrics have been on trend for several years now and often include shades of hot purples and pinks. If you want to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your room, a toss pillow in suzani fabric is a great option! The grays and whites in the room below set the perfect stage for the accents of Radiant Orchid, chartreuse, and yellow.


Image source: Decorpad

Way #2: Use Radiant Orchid against neutral backdrops

Renters stuck with white walls take note! A neutral backdrop allows you to change your decor easily with the seasons and with the trends. In this kitchen, the bold pendant and bar stools add zest and life to an otherwise stark space.


Although the shade of purple isn’t exactly Radiant Orchid, the room below is a beautiful example of how to use purple well in a bedroom. Creamy neutrals look summery and romantic when paired with subtle accents in purple.


Image source: BHG

You can also use Radiant Orchid to add some excitement to a room. I love the drama and luxury that is created in this room with the purple velvet chairs.


Image source: Decoist

On the flip side, Radiant Orchid can also be used to create a soothing retreat. In this vignette, varying shades of orchid on the drapes, pillow, rug, and tray work together to calm the senses.


Image source: BHG

Way #3: Use Radiant Orchid as the star of the show

If you are really feeling confident, go big and bold and make Radiant Orchid the star of your room. Paint an accent wall in Radiant Orchid and use complementary accent colors in shades of yellow and green to create a stimulating space.


Image source via: Gaita Interiors

Who says coastal colors need to be subdued? This coastal cottage uses Radiant Orchid in a bold way. Ceilings are often overlooked opportunities to a make a grand statement in a room.


Image Source: Coastal Living

If you are going to paint your walls purple, you might as well go big or go home with a monochromatic color scheme. This room might not be for everyone, but it most definitely makes a grand statement!


Image source: Houzz

If you desire to add some Radiant Orchid to your home this year, you can choose to use it sparingly with other pops of color, or subtly as an accent color, or vibrantly as the star of the show! Any way you choose to use it, your room is bound to stand out in the crowd. For other decorating tips and trends, be sure to check out the Decorating Ideas in the Homes.com Idea Gallery.

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