DIY Experts: How-To Install LED Lighting

by Jon & KatieAugust 26, 2014

The DIY experts, Katie and Jon, show you how to transform your space with mood lighting. Mood lighting can really transform a room. With LED light strips, it has never been easier to revamp your space. Watch the DIY home improvement video tutorial to get tips on installing LED light strips and begin your next DIY home improvement project!

If you plan on adding light strips to a space in your home, consider adding wire to the LED strips where it may not be necessary to have lighting, such as the corner of the room.
To add wire, it would be necessary to solder the wire to the copper strips in the LED light strip.
LED light strips can go in various rooms of the house, such as the kitchen. Adding light strips under the cabinets can not only help set moods when entertaining guests, but it can also improve lighting when cooking.
If you have dropped-crown molding, then adding LED light strips in the crown molding will help create a calming atmosphere, like the DIY experts’ nursery shown below. When children get older, they can have fun with the lighting and change it to a color that they enjoy most.
Adding LED light strips under the cabinets in the bathroom can help you see at night, which make them perfect for kids.
For even more DIY home improvement video tutorials, visit the YouTube Channel. If you’d like to see the DIY experts do a particular DIY video tutorial, comment your ideas below!

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